Casino Games - What is Keno?

Casino Games - What is Keno? A truly ancient game with exotic origins, but one that can be found everywhere from the casino lounges of the Las Vegas Strip to state lotteries and online casinos, too. The name of the game is Keno, and it has a surprisingly long history.

At the origin of Keno we can find a legend - one that talks about a new form of lottery being invented to save an ancient city at a time of war. Keno - or the game at its base - has also supposedly helped fund the construction of the Great Wall of China. These are just legends, but let's see some facts: Keno was first documented in 1847, when the Portuguese government of Macau first granted a license to lottery operators. The results of each draw were sent to villages by carrier pigeons - the Chinese term used for the tickets was "baak-gap-piu", later Westernized to "pakapoo", a term used to this day in Australian slang for messy or scrawled things. The game headed West thanks to Chinese immigrants, becoming widely popular in Texas under its current name, Keno, by 1866. Modern day Keno is like a mix between BINGO and a traditional lottery game. Players are required to select their numbers and record them at the Keno booth, where they will receive their Keno ticket with their numbers on it. Keno draws happen quite often, most of the times within a few minutes from each other. The numbers are drawn manually, through a computer controlled "blower" that randomly selects numbered balls from a container, or using a random number generator to pick the winning numbers. Keno is a popular addition to online casinos, too. The game is played in a way similar to land-based casinos, but without the fuss of using tickets or standing in line to collect winnings. Microgaming's Keno game, available at the Royal Vegas online casino, Royal Vegas makes playing as simple as clicking a few times on the screen. Once the game loads, the players can select the amount they want to wager in each round, and select 10 of the 80 numbers shown on the screen. There are slight variations on the rules of the game - at Royal Vegas 15 numbers can be selected, while at other online casinos I've seen Keno games with only 10. When "Play" is clicked, the game randomly chooses 20 virtual balls with the winning numbers. Depending on the number of hits on the ticket, players can win up to 10,000 times their bet. The Royal Vegas casino games are available to play for free as well Keno is the perfect example for a game of chance. While some might seem to discover patterns in the selection of the numbers, they are completely random. But this doesn't hamper the excitement of its players.